ETH received from smart contract not showing up

Hi, i received ETH from a smart contract but it is not showing in the transaction history.
i can see at the top there’s a balance of the amount of the transaction but on the overview tab it says
“Transaction history not available”

is this normal?

Ticket ID: 131749

when i click on “Show details in Block Explorer” it opens a page where i see the same balance.

Please manually add the token to the eth wallet.

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@track2 use Metamask or other 3rd party app to see the coins

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thanks, pardon my ignorance as im new to crypto and i think im lacking a key piece of information…
if this is so and the tx is not recorded on the blockchain how is it possible i can see a balance on my wallet? where is this balance coming from?

it is recorded on the blockchain just our SW does not support it yet, that is all