ETH received by contract is not showing up as balance in Trezor

So I have received 1 ETH by contract on one of my trezor wallets. I think it’s a bugged wallet since it doesnt show up anything, I’ve tried creating new ETH wallet accounts by sending 0.00000x to them by my other wallet so I can open multiple ones, is it possible that I’ve bugged it and is there a way to access the ETH ? Contract says success and the wallet addy is correct. PLS HELP

Actually I’ve just used the web version and I’m only able to see 2 of the 5 ETH wallets I have on the app. I can provide screenshots and everything if I can chat with the support. Apparently I have sent my 1 ETH over to the 5th ‘bugged wallet’ since it’s not showing up

Ticket ID: 125350


Thank you for providing ticket ID, we will continue troubleshooting via helpdesk.