ETH, ETC via Binance Smart Chain network

Hi all,

I sent ETH as well as ETC tokens by mistake to my Trezor One wallet via Binance Smart Chain network and of course I don’t see them now. I can see on BSCScan that the transactions were successful are Binance-Peg Ethereum Token.
How can I recover from this situation? I would like to recover wallet using Metamask, however has 12 words Seed, not 24 like Trezor :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

hi @andrzej

There is no need to recover your wallet. You just have to set correct network and add desired token using Metamask or simply use MEW which will do all the stuff for you.
Please see following topic:

This soluttion doesn’t work for me. While connecting Trezor to Metamask or MEW showes million of addresses but not this ETC one.

When the same recovery seed is used and the same passphrase is entered (if enabled and used), the same wallet is accessed. There is no exception. It always generates the same wallet including the same accounts having the same addresses in the same order. The public-key cryptography ensures it generates always the same result.

So if you are not able to identify the address on the list (after exporting your public key) you are either using different seed or passphrase.