ETH dissapeared on the way to my walet

Hi I am regular user of Tresor and today I sent ETH from Trezor to, but it hasn´t come to, even if the ETH (certain amount) has disappeared from my Tresor Suite profile. I haven´t received any confirmation email from crypto com that some crypto should come. I don´t have any transaction hash from this, from the part of Trezor. Thank you!

what chain did you use ? the chain in you choose is erc20 or bsc ?

@ivolgin if you go to your ETH account in Trezor Suite you can see the transaction history.
And if you click on each transaction, more details (including TxID) will be displayed:

So if you check the transactions on etherscan, what status does it have ?

Hi, actualy I don’t know, but I will find it, what chain I have in

The thing is, that there is NO notice, anything about the transaction, no mention in transaction history of ETH about this.

I scaned the code of deposit adress for Tresor.

I’m here to say something so that you can continue to speak

This is my only today´s ETH transaction noticed (I received ETH), but the second transaction is missing, but if you look at my ETH score on left, there is no ETH, so I don´t lie.

Hi, I use ERC20 for withdraw.

Check the blockchain, what address did your eth reach?
In addition, is your top-up chain also selected erc20?

Shall I send you this address?

I used this way for deposit ETH quite a lot of time and I never had a issue with it

If you don’t care about the privacy of your eth, you can send

You transferred close to 0.2eth to this address, right?

This is depositing adress of, this adress I used today for the issued transaction.

there is no eth on this adress
Enter your Trezor’s eth wallet address into this website to check where your eth is going.

Thank you. The guy from sent me the following:
“We support ETH over 6 networks, no need to worry about that at all. For your reference, those networks are ERC20/BEP20/Arbitrum/AVAX C-Chain/Cronos/Polygon.
You could also find a list of all supported cryptocurrencies and their corresponding networks by navigating to the following page - What should I know about Cryptocurrency Deposits? | Help Center
By looking at the TxHash, it appears that you’ve chosen a transfer fee that has not allowed the deposit to be included on the blockchain yet.
I would suggest contacting Trezor and seeing if you could cancel the transfer so you could initiate a new one, where a greater fee is included, in case you want to receive your funds faster or consider a different supported network.”
Do you agree with him? Is it possible to do it?
Thank you very much!

hi @ivolgin

I was able to locate the Tx on etherscan and it is still pending.
(however it is strange that you don’t see this Tx in you Trezor Suite).

Anyway, you can “unclog” the pending transaction on ethereum network by sending yourself another Tx with zero value, higher fee and the same nonce (which is basically the number of transactions sent from a given address).
In order to do so you are going to need 3rd party app such as Metamask (as you can’t set the nonce of the transaction in Trezor Suite).
Please note that the nonce of your pending transaction is 8.

See following video where the whole process is explained: