ETH Address Disappear After Being Activated

I created a hidden wallet with Trezor One. Transferred some ETH, and some ERC20 tokens, they all showed just fine.
But the next time I plugged in my Trezor and open the same hidden wallet, all ETH and ERC20 tokens disappeared. I had to reactivate ETH coins to make them appear again.
What’s weird is everytime I type the passphrase, it always says I’m trying to open an empty wallet. Once I’m in, all my ETH and ERC20 tokens are gone. And again, they will only show up after I reactivate ETH.
Please help me
Thank you

Apparently your coin settings are not getting saved.

(next time, try enabling ETH first and enter passphrase afterwards; the “create new wallet” confirmation should go away.)

are you by any chance using Web Suite in an incognito window?

  • How should I save my coin settings?
  • How should I access my hidden wallet to enable ETH before entering my passphrase?
  • I’m using Firefox Private mode with add- ons like Ublock Origin, Metamask on Linux Mint 20.3 to access Trezor Web Suite.

That will do it, yes.

Typically, private / incognito browser mode will drop all website data when you close the window. Suite needs to remember that your ETH is enabled, but it can’t because the browser is not letting it.

Your options are:

  1. manually enable ETH every time
  2. use non-private window for Suite
  3. use the Suite desktop app

You don’t need to access the hidden wallet. Coin settings apply for Suite instance, not for individual wallets.
Just don’t open a wallet (or pick the standard one if you’re forced to choose), go to settings, enable ETH, then go back to wallet selection and open your hidden wallet.

Thank you for your time and effort to help me.
I’d prefer to use:
1/ Web Trezor Suite rather than Desktop app so that I can access my Trezor account from any device( of course it has to be trusted)
2/ Private mode to leave no trace behind
I feel pleased with the inconvenience of having to manually enable ETH every time in exchange for security and privacy

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