Error: session not found (unable to sing up transactions) legacy segwit account

Hi, I am finding a persistent issue. I try to make transactions from a BTC wallet that appears in my trezor as “legacy segwit account” to an exchange but cant complete the sign up process.

When I try to sign up in the trezor device, pop up errors show up in both the desktop suite version and in the web. Different messages appear: “Transaction signing error: session not found”, “Authorization error: Device is used in another window”, “Error in the transaction another call in process”.
the device’s screen gets stuck in “signing”.

Sometimes when I first connect the device to my computer, the suite or website say something like: the device is not connected properly, or your trezor is being used in anohter device.

The strange thing is that, along the way, I have been able to make a couple of transactions (for less ammount) from the mentioned segwit account to what appears to be my main BTC account within the trezor device. But this has been random and it doesnt work any more, apparently.

The device uses the firmware 1.10.5 and I have used both firefox and Chrome on MacOS 10.12.6

can you lease help me?

It is a connection issue.

Change USB cable and port, try different computer. Also update to latest Suite and clear cache of your browser.

Thanks for this information. its useful