Error message after installation

After installation of trezor suite appear this message: entry point not found

The procedure entry point discard virtual memory could not be located in the dynamic link lybrary c:program files/trezor suite exe

im using an old computer to practice how do installation and see how is that thing

Hi @mokko,

Make sure your old computer satisfies the Operating system requirements & connectivity for Trezor Suite App. If that’s OK, then try to download Trezor Suite again, after uninstalling the current installation.

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I have the same problem. My computer is an old one with Win7 installation. I have no other and don’t want to buy a new one just to check my Trezor wallet. I have expensive programs which would be lost if I install new / change the computer.
How can I get back to the old trezor suite?

Windows 7 are out of support, meaning they no longer receive security updates. It’s dangerous to connect such computer to the internet, more so if you use it to manage your cryptocurrency savings – sure, malware can’t hack your Trezor, but it can mess you up in other ways, like changing your sending and receiving addresses when you paste them from clipboard.

If you cannot upgrade for any reason, you can either connect your Trezor to an Android phone, if you have one, or get yourself a bootable USB stick with a Linux distro such as Tails. Trezor Suite runs perfectly fine under Tails.