Error "Address not found" when sending or swapping funds from Metamask

I bought my Trezor in February and successfully transferred funds from various wallets, including LTC, ETH, and many ERC20 tokens to my Trezor. I’ve connected my Trezor to my Metamask, and all of my funds are showing, so no issues or concerns there.

The problem is I cannot send any funds from my Metamask Trezor wallet, including to my non-Trezor Metamask address. Each time on Ethereum and Cronos mainnets the transaction fails and reads “Error: address unknown.”

I’ve tried a few wallets and addresses, and it fails every time. The step where it fails is after I successfully enter my passphrase and confirm the transaction on Trezor and then on Metamask. I’ve also tried to swap tokens on Uniswap and it also fails with the same error message.

However, I successfully transferred some LTC from my Trezor to another wallet. So, I suspect the issue is interoperability between Trezor and Metamask. I searched the forums here and on Metamask and haven’t seen a similar issue. Nevertheless, I cannot move or swap any of my ERC20 tokens.

I’m using Brave Browser and have regularly used Metamask for two years prior to Trezor without issue. Metamask is running the latest version. Any ideas of what is going on?

I have opened a ticket with Trezor 170151. Thanks for any help!