ERC20 Token (LRC) wont send to coinbase pro exchange


Just received my Trezor Model T. I’ve been sending/receiving various coins to test out the product before I send most of my coins into Trezor. Anyways, everything with Cardano worked out great (sending/receiving). I tried testing out my LRC and I successfully sent some LRC from coinbase to my trezor without any issues.

Now the issue is and please excuse me if it was a answered question. I tried sending the LRC back to my coinbase account just to test. I bought $20 worth of eth just so I have some for gas fees. I first tested by trying to send 6 LRC to my coinbase account from my trezor suite and it stayed pending. It stayed pending for a while, so I tried sending another 5 LRC and it’s currently still pending (both are still pending). It’s been about 1.5hrs now. Just wondering how I received the LRC from coinbase to trezor so quickly, yet I cant seem to send it back to coinbase from trezor as quick?

Also, My trezor suite account already shows my ETH deducted (from the gas fees), however, my LRC, which I only had 36 to test, still says 36 (so nothing has been deducted from LRC yet). So my LRC balance has not been reduced, but my eth balance is 0 now.

Lastly, I closed my Trezor Suite desktop and reopened, and now I see the pending transactions have disappeared. Eth Balance still 0 but LRC balance never changed. Any solution to this or am I missing something here? Thank you everyone.

provide transaction ID, please. You used a small fee and it got stuck most likely.