ERC tokens not showing in dashboard


I’ve recently transferred a couple of ERC20 tokens to Trezor. While the transactions are showing up when I drill down into the my accounts/transactions screen, they do not appear on the Dashboard. Additionally, when I’m in the Accounts view for these coins, they’re not showing on the charting function. These tokens are both supported.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @fishfacesteve,

ERC-20 tokens will only show up under the Ethereum account, not in Dashboard or as independent accounts. This is by design. I think the chart also excludes these tokens by design. The same with adding the token values to the Ethereum account’s total sum.

I’m relatively new, trying to keep up. Would you explain the Suite’s design logic behind not presenting these tokens and their values in the overall ETH account? Other software wallet presentation interfaces seem to present these ERC20 tokens and their values as individual items. At a glance, the graphs and values reflect each item. I was hoping that the Suite would do the same.


I don’t know why the Suite’s design choices are made this way. Perhaps the developers will implement the functions you ask for at a later date, I don’t know. Personally I’d like to see value of ERC-20 tokens added to the Ethereum account total, at least.

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