ERC-20 tokens not supported on Suite but third party wallets

Hi all, I am curious about ERC-20 tokens like LPT and SNX both of which require a third party wallet like Metamask according to Trezor Supported Assets. With Trezor suite’s new update, one is no longer able to add tokens manually using the ERC-20 contract address of the token. My question is am I able to send LPT and SNX to my Ethereum wallet on Trezor Suite and see them on Trezor suite without having to use a third party wallet. I assume they should be supported by nature of ERC-20 tokens right?

Hi Gab, I sent a few Chainlink coins to my Ethereum Sepolia address two days ago, which are also subject to ERC-20. Unfortunately, my coins are not displayed to me. And just as you described, manual entry is not possible. In any case, wait for a response from a support before sending the coins.

Hi @Gab56,

I can confirm that all ERC20 tokens are natively supported in Trezor Suite. All you need to do is send them to the ETH address that you see under your ETH account (NOT the testnet one!). You will then see your ERC20 tokens under the “Tokens” tab:

More information on how to use ERC20 tokens in Trezor Suite can be found at Ethereum (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens on Trezor hardware wallets

You cannot see your ERC20 token in Trezor Suite as you sent it to the ETH testnet account, which is not meant to store the real tokens (it is for testing purposes). It is possible to retrieve your funds, you will need to use 3rd party wallet (for example MetaMask) to do it. I noticed that you already opened a ticket with our official support. One of our agents will instruct you how to do it in the ticket. Please, follow the instructions.

The ERC20 tokens added to my Trezor are dysfunctional or not clickable to make any withdraw, I sent more ERC20 tokens to the holdings there and they are not added to the balance. I look forward to your generous assistance.

Hi @Cashbargain,

May I ask you to send me a screenshot of what you see under the “Tokens” tab? Information on how to send ERC20 tokens can be found in this video: