Entering passphrase on device vs on computer

There is a popup that asks whether to enter passphrase on device or computer. I used to always enter passphrase on computer

One time I accidentally clicked enter on device and now EVERY time it is asking me to enter on device it seems. There is no more popup asking me for a choice, device or computer

How do I reset it so I can enter passphrase on computer. I am using latest version of trezor suite with Model T

Hi @afasfb

You should have been given the dialog every time you connect. If you are using Trezor Wallet, make sure to clear cache, and try using incognito window.

Optionally, when using Trezor Suite https://suite.trezor.io/ desktop/web app, reset the app if needed.

I clicked on enable passphrase but it never asked me to create one? I’m lost here as it looks to have created another wallet I think but I don’t understand why that wallet is asking me for a passphrase when I never typed/created a passphrase word to begin with?

Hi @t1krz,

When you enable Passphrase in the Settings you only turn the feature ON, you don’t create a Hidden wallet until you enter a Passphrase. The way the system works is that if the Passphrase you enter corresponds with an existing Hidden wallet, it’s opened. If the Passphrase doesn’t exist from before, it creates a new and empty Hidden wallet for you to use.

The latter is probably what happened to you and if that Hidden wallet isn’t used - as in you haven’t transferred any coins or tokens into it yet - then you don’t have to use it.

If you use the Passphrase feature, please make sure you write down you Passhrase exactly as you created it. Large and small letters are different (case sensitive) and the space character is also valid. If you forget your Passphrase then you can’t recover any funds in that Hidden wallet.

I don’t recommend using the Passphrase feature until you fully understand how it works. Please read up about Passphrase. In the mean time I suggest you turn the feature OFF in settings.

Ok thanks, but then, where/when do I create this passphrase? this is where I’m getting confused?
I didn’t type anything in, just enabled yet a hidden wallet was created so what would I possibly type in there?, nor did I transfer anything to it obviously. Is there a good tutorial on this that takes you step by step?

When you login to your Trezor device, after you’ve entered your PIN, you are presented with two choices: Open the Standard wallet or a Hidden wallet. If you click on Standard wallet, then there’s no Passphrase to enter. If you enter a Passphrase in the text field below Hidden wallet you either open your current Hidden wallet, if any, or create a new one, depending on your Passphrase. Therefore it’s important to remember any Passphrase you use, otherwise you won’t be able to access that current wallet.

Did you read the Wiki about Passphrase, which I linked to?
I don’t know of a step-by-step guide for it, but there are many posts in this forum if you search.

But, as I said, I don’t recommend using the Passphrase feature until you fully understand what it is and how it’s used. That goes for anything about Trezor, really, but Passphrase is a minefield to step into if you don’t know about what you’re doing and you may lose your funds completely if you step wrong.

Yes I read the whole article but still confused on how entering a phrase?
so to clarify the hidden wallet that was created under the standard wallet, when clicked on the hidden one asking me to enter a passphrase, (which I did not yet) but when I do, that activates (now remembers) my phrase for that wallet or another hidden one? And my funds are ok since I never transferred anything to the hidden wallet as of yet as they were in the standard wallet which is completely accessible? Thanks

If/when you fill in a Passphrase, a new Hidden wallet will be created for you, if it doesn’t exist from before. The only reason it’ll exist from before is if you entered the same Passhrase at least once before. The same thing happens if you have used a Hidden wallet and enter a wrong Passphrase. Then a new Hidden wallet will be created instead of opening your existing Hidden wallet.

I advise you to read everything about how to use a Passhrase for a Hidden wallet, here in the forum, in blog articles from Satoshilabs, on Reddit, etc. And please turn OFF the Passphrase feature in the mean time. :slight_smile:

Yes, your funds in the Standard wallet are safe, so long as you wrote down the Recovery seed when you created the wallet initially.

Ok turned Passphrase off for now

Hey @t1krz ,

we will release a video tutorial to address the passphrase very soon. Stay tuned.

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Great, thank you !!!