Empty trezor suite -

I have bought a new trezor t from the trezor store last year, and was really excited about it. How good it is. Then I put coins on it. Then I haven’t used it in a long time. Then I go to look at it, and it is empty. And when I press “All activity” the bar moves but it doesn’t show any activity. AND, I know I put UFO coins in MEW with that trezor T. I connected the trezor T to MEW and the coins are not there! AND there is no activity on etherscan. Something is not right here. What is going on!

are you saying you are looking at the address on Etherscan and there is no activity/transaction? If yes, then you are looking into the wrong wallet and using wrong passphrase, everything is recorded on blockchain so ot is not possible


I transferred my H.ex tokens from my m.metamask wallet into my [email protected] wallet . I knew the transfer happened because I actually saw them on [email protected] dashboard. However, two days later I logged into my [email protected] w.alle.t and not only were my H.ex not there but after doing some investigating I saw that were transferred out of my [email protected] by an anonymous address and then sent to the H.ex blockchain… which is where they remain.

Is there anything that I can do to get them back?

Hi @yeldar

Please note that transactions that are confirmed on blockchain are in-revertible.

And if there is some unauthorized transaction in the Tx history and every transaction needs to be signed
using private key, there are basically two scenarios of what could have happened:

a) someone got physical access to your device
b) your seed got compromised

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