Email that my order was cancelled

This email was sent to me, but I didn’t cancel my order.

Can you search what’s the status of my order?

Hi @MichaelRod7

I confirm that your order was cancelled because the payment has timeouted.

Hello, In my credit card don’t appear the refound of the money.

So I don’t know what happened.

Hi @MichaelRod7, please submit a ticket at and post your ticket ID here. One of our agents will help you sort this out.

I have this two, don’t sure what’s the correct order ticket.
Can you help me.

@MichaelRod7 that is just the automatic email that is sent after completing an order. However, I am going to need you to submit a new ticket here:
Please post your ticket ID here once done.

Yes, i know.
I’m asking about the ORDER TOKEN, Wich of those images is the correct?

The first order 483etDfi3JC8YWKpLPD5KPidwT7K1R has been successfully paid and shipped two days ago.
I have DMed you the link to track your order.