Don´t see my XRP

Hi, I use trezor one with metamask(third party).
I transfer xrp from binance to trezor-metamask red BSC, and I didn t receive my xrp :(.
They disappeared.
On BSCscan was success but I dont see them :(.
I spoke with binance and metamask support and nothing.
BSCscan says My xrp are in my my wallet address trezor but why I can t see them on metamask-trezor.
I also check my trezor one in exodus and nothing.
I had already made other transactions in this way and everything had been perfect, in fact I have a previous xrp balance that if it is visible.

Help me, please.

Hi @annavv

Have you correctly set up Metamask for BSC ?

Hello, thanks for replying MichalZ.
I had set it up several times, but this morning I checked my binance funds and my lost xrps appeared. A return was made to the original account (binance) after 5 days despite BSCscan’s statement that the transaction had been successful.
The problem is solved.
I don’t know what the problem was, but this time this little nightmare is over jejeje :slight_smile:
Thank you.

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