DOGE - too low default fee

at current Trezor Suits version v24.2.4
is too low default DOGE fee.

There is no option for fee tiers (like at btc or eth) “low / default / high” or “slow / medium / fast”.
There is just one option, suggested by Trezor, with avg. time 1min. Which is 1 block time, so the fastest way possible.

Guess what, transaction is pending for 12h.
Size / vSize: 532 / 532
Fees: 0.00532 DOGE (1000.00 sat/vByte)

Are there any option what to do next besides waiting 10days?
Bump fee is not possible on DOGE.
Any way to send transaction again with higher fee? To force a pool to mine newer transaction first and then to discard previous message? (Since founds would be elsewhere)?


  1. fix Trezor suggestion for DOGE fees.
  2. how to send transaction again, since Trezor would think of it as “it would be done, so you have no founds there already”.

Doge, Trezor, bad fee calculation … nothing?
A days pending transactions instead one minute?