Does Trezor validate the authenticity of the firmware each time it is connected?

As per title, I just bought a Trezor One from However, out of curiosity, and also to cure my paranoia, does the system check for the authenticity of the firmware each time it is connected? Will I get any warnings if I accidentally installed/upgraded the firmware from a third party source?

Hi @Ivan_Lee

yes and yes.
On your Trezor device there is bootloader - a simple program designed to install, update, and check the firmware loaded on the Trezor device.
The bootloader checks the integrity and signatures of the firmware and runs it if everything is OK. This examination occurs every time you power the device.

If the bootloader detects an unofficial firmware, it displays a noticeable warning on the device screen.

thank you sir for the answer

I just got a option for a firmware update on but on Trezor Suite it doesn’t ask me to update anything.
Is that normal, or is there maybe something going on.
Also, if i enter my seed for a backup on my actual Trezor can somehow if my computer was infected extract the seed?

because you are using windows suite and the windows suite update isn’t out yet. i’m waiting on the the same question here about when the windows suite update will be released since everything else was last week.

@taylor the reason for that is what @MoonGravity wrote. More info here: Suite update for Windows? - #2 by MichalZ

Your seed can’t be extracted even if connected to computer using malicious software.
You can also use extra security layer called passphrase