Does Trezor support THETA AND TFUEL?

I just checked the cryptos that Trezor supports and it didn’t list THETA or TFUEL??? Is that correct? Thanks for reply.

Hi @baliguy ,

Theta can be stored by using Theta wallet :

Please keep in mind that we do not develop nor maintain third-party software, so we cannot guarantee it’s full functionality. This is the reason it’s not listed on our supported coins page and we don’t not recommend it directly.

However, your private keys are always safely protected by your Trezor device, no matter what third-party application you use it with.

Are Trezor or Theta even working on a fix for this.? I got a Trezor and encouraged other people to get one, and now we are all stranded. I don’t want us to buy Ledgers in order to fix our problem.

Well, there isn’t a “fix” per se, because it’s about supporting the coins. Currently there are no known plans that I know about to support THETA in Trezor. TFUEL is supported though.

Doesn’t Trezor work for you with Theta wallet then?

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Per Theta’s own Twitter account, they are working on a fix but it is going to take several weeks to implement: