Dock token support

Hi guys,

I have checked your website and it looks like the Dock token should be supported natively by Trezor suite. This is the URL: “trezor(dot)io/coins/detail/dock”
I could not find a way how to add this token, as I would love to keep it on my Trezor One.
I suspect the data on your website might also be obsolete, because Dock migrated from ERC-20 to own Blockchain in December 2020. So I would like to confirm, is it possible to hold it natively via Tresor Suite or is it just my misunderstanding?
Also, if I have to use 3rd party wallet, may I ask for any recommendations?

Thank you very much for your help.

If they migrated to own blockchain then it is not supported at all, not even via 3rd party.