Do I mine to Trezor Wallet or somewhere else?

Looking for an explanation on multiple transfers…

So I’m mining ETH on a Pool. What Wallet should I use? Do I mine directly to the TREZOR or a system such as Coinbase?

What happens with small transfers?? For example, if I cash out each day at .005 ETH, and it results in many transactions, will the fees be larger than one big one, example 1ETH?

I’m really confused and I’ve tried to look it all up, but can’t find the info I need.

I want to HODL Long term, so I’m confused on where to start. Presently I have about 0.04 ETH with is in a pool going to the TREZOR, but before I send it and start over, I want to know what I should be doing.

Thank you so much for the advice in advance, I appreciate it.

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Anyone? Have any recommendations?