Distructive magnetic fields

Hey guys,
I was wondering if any of the Trezor models are effected by (strong or weak) magnetic fields if exposed for a long or short period of time? Is the technology used inside of the Trezors damagable by those?
Thanks in advance!

Hi, there is no special protection, it is standard electronics, you can see full HW specs here or on github: Security:Hardware - Trezor Wiki

Remember, the most important is the seed phrase (for those you can use indestructible plates like Cryptosteel)

Thanks for your reply! So you reccon a magnetic field could destroy or change some of the electronics?

Probably not. There is no magnetic storage in Trezor, only flash memory, and all components are solid-state. An extremely strong magnetic field could plausibly do some damage, or maybe cause intermittent errors, but you are unlikely to encounter a strong enough magnetic field outside some sort of industrial or research facility.


Thanks a lot! That helped immensly!