Displayed portfolio doesnt match assets

When I connect to Trezor Suite, the portfolio displays a number (higher) that doesnt match the assets under. How come?

If I click the trezor icon on the top left corner, again, it shows I have one standard wallet with 4 accounts, with the same higher portfolio number.

Am I missing some hidden coins somewhere :sweat_smile: ?


Do you have the Remember switch enabled on your wallet? If so, switch it OFF and rescan the blockchains for updated coin values.

No remember option is switched off.

Could you please post a screenshot, showing your portfolio discrepancies?

So the sum of Btc and ETH doesnt add up to the portfolio.

and if I click top left Ben trezor it gives me this : 4 accounts with the same amount as portfolio

And were is your portfolio? I don’t see any discrepancies in your screenshot. If you don’t want to show your assets in public, which is understandable, maybe you can create an example of what you mean instead.

You said in your original message above that you have four accounts. This screenshot shows two. Are you saying that Dashboard doesn’t show you all four accounts after the Discovery process is finished searching the blockchains for your assets?

If you have ERC-20 tokens in your Ethereum account, note that the value of those aren’t added up into the ETH total.

Make sure you’ve added all your coins to the account list too.

Yes it was that, I had usdt tokens in the ETH account which wasnt showing up.

Thanks for the help!

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