Different barcode on the box of the Trezor One

I ordered Trezor One white from official Trezor Shop on 24.05. , the package was received last week (Croatia), and I noticed different barcode on the back of the box, as you can see in the attachment.

For the Trezor One, the barcode starts with 710… as far as I could see on the internet, and I didn’t manage to find my barcode ‘8594194880026’.
What is the matter with the barcode?

I wouldn’t know.

But I would say to open and make the safety checks if those are all good then nothing to worry about.

Most important is if the safety seal on the usb port is intact.


Hope this helps

Hi @unreal,

I would like to put your mind at ease. As you can see on the page that @rimaS mentioned (https://trezor.io/learn/a/authenticate-trezor-model-one), the packaging of your Trezor Mode One is from 2021. If the holographic seals are intact and your Trezor meets all security checks mentioned on the page, you can be sure your device is genuine.

Please, keep in mind that Trezor Mode One does not have a holographic seal over the USB connector. There are two holographic seals on the package instead.

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Ohhh ok now I know, I have model T…

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Thank you for answers.
The device works correctly and everything else is fine

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EAN-13 code prefix:
859 = Czech
710-728 = reserved for future use

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