Did not received my coins via Trezor Suite Swap


I have used Trezor Suite Swaping functionality to swap my ETH to BTC. ETH succesffuly left my Trezor (transaction confirmed), but I never received the BTC. Even thought the ETH left my Trezor the Swaping transaction is for some reason in “Pending” status.

The swap supposed to be done via your partner ChangeHero.
I have already contacted Trezor customer support via chatbot and it opened a ticket no.229964, but I haven’t heard back for few days now.

In Trezor suite it even does not say, what it is pending for or why it is even pending. So I have no idea how to “unstuck” the swaping transaction on ChangeHero side. Even the link in Trezor Suite to ChangeHero support does not work (it is redirecting me to the page with 404 error).

Solved with ChangeHero support on Sunday morning (their 24/7 support is just amazing). Issue was that the initial hash was dropped and replaced - probably as I was changing the gas fee while the ETH transaction was pending confirmation. So ChangeHero just updated the hash on their end and whole swap went through.

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Hello @Tomas1,

I can see that one of our agents replied to your created ticket five days ago, but we have not received a response from you. I can see that your issue has been resolved anyway, thanks for letting us know.

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