Did I lose my BSV when sending unsplitted BCH to Trezor?

I sweeped a BCH paper wallet (that had also BSV on the same address) into coinomi wallet app, then sent it to Trezor BCH address.

I didn’t know about all the necessary steps I had to do in coinomi wallet in order to split the BCH to BSV before sending the BCH to Trezor…

So, did I lose all my BSV? is there a way to restore them now?

Looks like it’s gone…
Before I sweeped the BCH paper wallet, I saw on its address that it contains both BCH and BSV.

Now, I’ve tried to send a small amount of BCH from Trezor to a paper wallet (the same BCH who had BSV in it, as part of a previous fork), then see which balance this paper wallet has…

it showed only the BCH and no BSV.

So… gone?

BSV is no longer supported by Trezor due to multiple security issues with this coin and a lack of development from its community.
We do not provide any service connected to BSV and we cannot guarantee the security of 3rd party wallets.

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