Descriptor for Taproot account fails to be parsed

In Trezor Suite, Taproot account discovery ends with “Account discovery error” on “Account” tab. “Dashboard” tab says "Accounts were not loaded properly. Bitcoin: Descriptor cannot be parsed: tr(****)". The Taproot account used to work properly, as I have done a small number of transactions with it already.

What I noticed is that the descriptor which failed to be parsed has only 7 hex characters after tr([ and before first /, while according to bitcoin descriptor specs there should be 8 hex characters. If I load the same wallet into a third-party wallet app with support for Trezor HW, wallet works correctly and descriptor contains 8 hex characters in the described problematic part: it is the same as in the Trezor Suite, but prefixed with 0 to make it 8 hex characters long.

Note: I used self-hosted electrum backend (electrs) in both Trezor Suite and third-party wallet app.

Is this an indication of faulty construction of the descriptor in Trezor Suite?

The same problem I have…
And same environment:
electrs v0.9.9 (self-hosted), and I see the same error in Trezor Suite (v22.11.1)
in “tr” I see in Trezor Suite 7 characters betweem “tr([XXX/…]…”

It looks like the issue is fixed as of Trezor Suite v22.12.1.