Damaged silver seal

Is this ok?

Hi, there is no damage at all, if so very minor.

There are a few security measurements with Trezor that can be checked:

  • The USB port of Trezor T should have been covered by a security hologram sticker. With Trezor One, the security hologram is placed on the box.

  • All Trezor devices are distributed without a firmware software, so you need to install it for your first use. If there is a firmware installed already, then that means that someone used this device before you.

  • The bootloader verifies the firmware signature. The device only runs if the firmware is correctly signed by SatoshiLabs.

  • Because the recovery seed is generated during Trezor setup, there is no default seed, only the seed you will generate for yourself. If you encounter any Trezor device with preinstalled firmware that was purchased as new, please let us know

Thank you so much for fast reply.

And is it ok that there isn’t any silver seal on device?

no, not on Model One