DAI tokens issues!

I need helps from some one who are expert about tokens and trezor suit, can you please take look at this screen shot and let me know, what happened and how can i transfer this DAI token to another wallet!

what this means, and how much i need to make this transaction?

hi @imanseyfi
Trezor Suite’s Ethereum accounts display by default only value of ETH.
If you want to display also value of your ERC20 tokens you have to go to “Tokens” bookmark where the value (in chosen currency) is displayed as shown on the screenshot you have provided.

Regarding your second question:
It is important to distinguish between sending and exchanging coins.

If you want to send your token to another address you have to navigate to “send” tab:

More information in following link: Suite manual:Making payments - Trezor Wiki

What you have provided in your second screen is exchange feature that exchanges one coin for another. This service is provided by Invity, a trusted member of the SatoshiLabs Group, the parent company of Trezor. Invity compiles numerous carefully vetted noncustodial transaction providers into a single comparison interface so you can compare exchange rates and payment methods before choosing the deal that suits you best.

On the Ethereum blockchain, gas refers to the cost necessary to perform a transaction on the network.
You can check recommended Gas Prices via https://ethgasstation.info/

Simply put in order to being able to move your ERC20 tokens you need to transfer some ETH to the same address before.

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