CSV Export from Trezor Suite missformated

Hi I noticed that the format of an exported CSV from Trezor Suite is very different from the one you get from the website. Its missing fundamental information and the date time format is completely messed up.
My problem now is i cant use the website anymore because my bech32 wallet is not shown there.
any suggestions?

Hi @yaza ,

what information are you missing exactly? Both include date,time, address, tx ID and values and if it is in/out transaction.

Make sure you are importing CSV correctly into your editor.

You can also download PDF file.

Here is an example export of the website:

Date,Time,TX id,Address,TX type,Value,TX total,Balance

this is from Trezor Suite:
Date & Time;Type;Transaction ID;Addresses;Fee;Total

8/23/2021, 2:18:14 AM;RECV;328184d91345691e3ee28ca5e18e9c1c2e08878d562345653b95b4657;bc1q34566556u5arlswngl44c3gg03c4wxt0sxz7rderrhd (0.07947) ;0.00040926;0.07947

Mainly the problem is that Date and Time is now one field and that for example cointracking does not understand the format. The formatting of date and time is also different. Why is there an (0.07947) at the end of the addresse?

@yaza just use semicolon and space separators when importing into your editor.

You can also download PDF file.

I have the same issue. Try this if you have excel…

  1. Export the csv file.
  2. Open it in excel and go to DATA tab and select From Text/CSV
  3. Browse and open .csv file
  4. It should show you the information correctly displayed, Click Load

Hope that helps