Crypto Payment Completed & Payment Window Expired

Hi Guys

I was buying my trezor and I missed the fee for something around 0.0004 BTC so my window expired and I already sent the payment for the full price but failed to add the fees so window expired and my payment wasn’t fully completed even though I sent it. Now I can’t send the remaining because its too small.

To: bc1q0neh03uqu74dqe9kgnst27ajx8jqgg606l3w90|
Total: 0.003914 BTC

I tried to create a ticket and it said successfully sent but I didn’t get any confirmation about it on my email. Can someone help?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @paulart,

Have you tried to bump the fee with the Replace by Fee (RBF) function in Trezor Suite?

Look in your spam folder and see if it’s landed there?

Support was fast and reimbursed me after I created a ticket and they were able to trace the transaction.

Thanks for your feedback!