Created Hidden wallet and my ETH address changed

Hi guys, I have an interesting problem. I created a hidden wallet a few days ago. I clicked receive and ETH address was revealed. I saved this address so I don’t have to go to the Trezor suite all the time. I connected Trezor to metamask and there was the same address as I saved. I sent there some eth and today I opened trezor suit and the address changed and the one in metamask doesn’t work. What happened and how can I recover the previous one? I tried to connect HW wallet to another metamask but the previous address isn’t there.

hi @Penguin1
that is the expected behavior of Passphrase feature.
You are creating new, hidden (passphrase protected) wallet so all the addresses in that wallet are derived from a “different seed”. Simply put you can imagine your passphrase as a 25th/13th… word of your recovery seed.
So in order to access desired address you have to enter exactly same passphrase even in 3rd party wallet (one step after exporting public keys).
If you can’t see your address then you are entering wrong wallet (mos probably mistyping your passphrase) as there is no such thing as an “incorrect passphrase”, so whatever you provide as your input will be used in the process of deriving a wallet.

Michal, thank you very much. You are 100% right. My mistake. Damn. I made a typo in all other attempts, and that’s why it showed a different address. Thank you so much for your quick response.

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