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Hello! Please tell me, if the attacker knows the seed phrase, will he be able to use my wallet in parallel with me? That is, if he restores a new wallet using my seed phrase, then my original wallet will continue to work as before?
Thank you for your reply!

Yes . your old wallet is not affected.
So, make sure your seed phrases are saved offline forever!

just to clarify, your wallet WILL be affected because the attacker will steal your funds.

Shouldn’t it be deactivated? For example, if I lose my Trezor or have it stolen from me?
I will restore my balance to a new one, but can a thief embellish my funds?

If someone else uses your seed phrase to restore a copy of your wallet, your trezor will still work and you and he can even transfer money at the same time. So you have no way of knowing if the seed phrase is leaking in this way.

First, the person who got your trezor won’t know your pin. This is the first layer of safety protection. After firmware 1.6, I haven’t heard of anyone being able to hack to extract the pin in a trezor device.
Second, if you are using a hidden wallet, your assets in the hidden wallet will be very safe because the passphrase is not stored on the trezor device.

@Maxim Please, read these suggestions here: User manual:Security best practices - Trezor Wiki

Your wallet cannot be “deactivated” since coins are on the blockchain, everything is based on your seed and if it’s compromised the attacker will steal your funds.