Connection issues

HI there

I set up my new Trezor 1 wallet yesterday and used it numerous times moving crypto around from different wallets, but this morning when i tried to connect it it keeps saying to enter passphrase, which i don’t have as never set one up. I used the Standard Wallet option. So now i am locked out from connecting up with my Metamask. Please help as i just don’t know how to sort this.

Thankyou in advance


keep the passphrase field empty to enter standard wallet.

Explained here:

It was empty, but it keeps asking on my Trezor. I don’t understand how its changed overnight?? I never entered a passphrase

it can only ask on Trezor if you press the button enter passphrase on device, otherwise it doesn’t.


Shall i let it timeout and recconect. Then try again?

are talking about PIN (numbers) or passphrase? You need to be more specific…if you are entering wrong pin, then there is timeout before you can try again.

No im talking about passphrase. When i set it up i used the standard wallet and i used it perfectly fine yesterday, but today when i connected it up i clicked on Standard wallet and it asks on the actual trezor 1 to enter your passphrase?

  1. you cannot enter passphrase on Trezor One device, this is only on Model T.

  2. there were no recent changes

  3. can you enter standard wallet using Suite?

No it asks on the device to enter passphrase on the keyboard. Its a trezor 1 i have. I use a Chromobook. So i use the suite connected via web

you really just need to press that green button…, it’s explained in the video, please watch it:

or there is some misunderstanding, so please open a ticket and show a video of what you exactly mean:

Ive just unplugged it and plugged it back in. Im connected via suite/web. I input my pin and then click on standard wallet, but it keeps saying on the device to enter your passphrase using the keyboard, but as i say i never entered a passphrase?? So i can’t access ar do anything to my wallet.

show us a video of this happening

ok will do. Can i post it here?

yes, just clicking standard wallet and showing what is on the device and then on the screen, don’t show any private info…or you can send it to the ticket you opened.

I don’t know how, but I’ve logged in again the 6th time and this time it didn’t ask me for the passports. So I’m back in. Thanks for your time though. I would like to know why it did this ?

it doesn’t do what you described (you must have clicked on hidden wallet), even if it did, you can still leave the passphrase empty end it will open standard wallet.

unless you can reproduce it…