Connecting your Trezor to the MetaMask/Ronin wallets for Axie Infinity

Good day everyone,

I have created a video tutorial on youtube for all the new Axie Infinity players who have just bought or are planning to buy the Trezor Hardware wallet for their Axie Infinity assets.

@Trezor support, please let me know if there is any information I need to edit.

Here is the link to the video tutorial.

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I’m not finished watching the video yet, but wanted to say this.
Personally I think the music is way too loud. It competes with your voice for attention.

EDIT: Watched the whole video now and it’s quite good. :slight_smile:

If I’m going to criticize anything, besides the music, it’d be that I wish you’d made the part about Trezor not supporting the Axie pets (NFT) a little more clear. There are two or three comments below the video on YouTube and already one of them is asking if this is Ok. I suggest you add a big text warning to the video in the segment where you mention the warning, and also a warning in the description below the video.

This video is going to help a lot of people. Good job!

My wife mentioned the music being too loud as well! Epic failure on my part. :(. I might reupload a new version, with the text warnings, just because of that imperfection. It Must be that the headphones I’m using didn’t balance out the audio very well while I was editing.

I just recorded a new video that I think will clear up the confusion regarding securing the Axie NFT pets via the Ronin Trezor Hardware Wallet.
I’ll post new links here once I have the videos uploaded.

Thanks for the reply @Petosiris!

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I have uploaded an updated Step-by-Step guide to setting up the Trezor and connecting it to MetaMask and Ronin Wallet. I have also included a warning to users in the video that the Trezor Wallet itself cannot hold NFTs.

In addition, I have also posted this video that shows how the Ronin Hardware wallet utilizes the Trezor’s security measure’s for confirming transactions and storing Axie Infinity assets when connected to the Ronin Wallet extension.


very good and informative video @Langly1087
keep up the good work, it is much appreciated!


It’s my pleasure! I’m just glad I can help fight against the hackers/scammers. Everyone should have a hardware wallet in my opinion.

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Hi There!! @Langly1087 I recently bought a Trezor 1 from the official Trezor shop and this morning started the process of migrating from my software Ronin wallet, to my Trezor Ronin wallet.

I transferred all of my scholars axies to my main Trezor ronin address and was even able to make one transfer of 10 SLP using my Trezor. After that first transfer, I haven’t been able to log in to my Trezor Ronin account. Sometimes, when trying to log in, it brings up the Trezor page to login, but doesn’t go through. Other times, nothing comes up or happens when I try to sign in.

I have followed all of the instructions provided in other posts to resolve this issue but nothing has worked.

I can log in manually using my username and password and see all of our axies, but I can’t send them using my Trezor, so my assets are functionally frozen in this account.

I tried to download the Trezor bridge, but it says that my software is up to date.

This is super frustrating. :frowning: Any ideas on how to fix this or who I should contact?

I need a way to contact them, a part of [email protected], where nobody answer me.
My problem was that the first axie i bought, it was charged two times, paying two times the same axie. What can i do to ask for it, or to solve it?


Hi @Joan,

Please don’t write your issue only in the subject line, since it’ll not be moved together with the post and then the post may seem incomplete. We often merge posts in new topics into existing topics. Thank you for understanding!