Connecting Your Trezor to Metamask, then to Trust Wallet

Hi Everyone,

So I have a dilemma right now because I bought some NFTs and I used my Trezor’s feature to connect to metamask as my protection (desktop)… (Network: BSC Mainnet)

Now, after I purchase, I realized that I cannot simply view, nor transfer the NFT directly to another wallet using my metamask (address auto generated by Trezor), but was advised that if I can restore the Metamask Wallet via seed phrase (12) to Trust wallet, then I can do transfer wallet to wallet using Trust as a platform.

Apparently I don’t know if there is a possibility for me to know what my secret passphrase (12 words) in the metamask addresses derived using my Trezor Hardware Wallet. This is the only way I can restore the wallet to Trust and transact. Thanks everyone!

Hi @TheResistance_Trader ,

trezor supports NFTs directly in FW and you can use them via Metamask.

There is no separate seed, there is your default MM seed and then your Trezor seed. The Trezor addresses that you see in MM come from your device seed.

You can use this seed to restore in any wallet but this way you would be compromising your security so it is not recommended.

More info here: How to use Trezor with MetaMask - YouTube