Connecting Trezor with Metamask

While connecting Trezor with Metamask, Trezor’s app does not open up, instead a website opens up where I’m asked to enter passphrase twice on the same page, unlike the trezor app. Also, even if I enter a wrong PIN, there’s no cooldown period. Is it safe as I have read a lot of people complaining about funds getting lost after connecting with Metamask?

The website Metamask transfer you to, is Trezor Connect. Just skip the Passphrase (leav it blank) if you don’t use a Hidden wallet with a Passphrase and want to connect Metamask with your Standard wallet.

So long as you use Trezor and Metamask correctly, there should be no issues with lost funds.

Can’t it just open the trezor app? I don’t feel safe with the website.

Also, what about this?

As far as I know, Trezor Connect only works with the website. This is because it’s a public API, made by SatsohiLabs, and implemented by Metamask and other third party sites. It’s likely that it’ll spawn in Trezor Suite web version later, if it’s not already doing that.

There’s no PIN entry for Trezor at the Trezor Connect web page, so if you see a PIN input field on Metamask it’s Metamask’s PIN they’re asking for. Trezor itself asks for the PIN when you login and you must enter it on your Trezor device. If you enter the wrong PIN on the device, it’s cooldown period.

But it did ask me for the PIN while connecting with Metamask and I had to enter the pin using both trezor and the computer. I used a Trezor One.

I saw tutorials on Trezor’s website and there in the videos no PIN is asked. Why am I asked for PIN then? @Petosiris @MichalZ

That’s expected behavior, there is no need for Trezor Suite to open when connecting to 3rd party apps, instead Trezor Connect is being used.

When a wrong PIN is entered there is always a cooldown period. Could you possibly provide a video showing what you say ?

Also please note that if you already entered PIN (for example via Trezor Suite) Trezor device remembers it for 10 minutes and doesn’t ask for PIN again.

But according to @Petosiris no PIN is required. @MichalZ

If this is true, why am I asked for PIN? Please reply. @MichalZ @Petosiris

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@AKGupta34471718 you always have to enter the PIN after connecting the USB, it is also shown in the first video here, in the beginning: Apps:MetaMask - Trezor Wiki

If not, then as Michal said, it is remembered.


I was referring to the Trezor Connect web page when I said no PIN was required there. As @forgi says, the PIN is asked for when you connect a USB cable. As @MichalZ says, please provide a video with the situation when you PIN is requested.

Also, make sure you understand the difference between PIN, Password and Passphrase, and that Metamask can have its own set of these three, just as Trezor with Trezor Suite can.

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