Connected 2 Trezors on MM, account missing

I accidentally tried to connect a second Trezor to my Metamask account, it did connect but it replaced the first account with my first Trezor. I cannot see that first account with first Trezor in Metamask now, only the second Trezor. How can I get this first account back?

Reconnect to the first trezor and enter the same passphrase, adding that address.

To be clear I’m going to connect my original trezor to my computer and then I’m going to do what? Sign out of metamask and use the recovery seed or the password?

Or am I connecting my orignal trezor with metamask already logged in and clicking connect hardware wallet?

You can completely install a new browser, install a new MM on the new browser, and use the first trezor to connect the new MM to find your previous address