Connect trezor to android samsung tab s8


How can be resolved this issue with connection a trezor to android tablet?
It says to install the.deb bridge but cannot be installed…so, what can i do?

just go straight to Trezor Suite using Chrome browser, and it should work without needing to install Bridge.

Still Not working…maybe a problem a fat32 only input?
Because samsung tab s8 has only a fat32 input. It doesnt read ntfs…

It is a T1 model…should i make it un update on another pc?

How long ago have you bought your Trezor?

If it’s been sitting in your drawer for four years, it might have a bootloader too old to be recognized by Android. In such case you would need to connect it to a PC first and install firmware on it. Afterwards it should work.

Yes, it is ok now, it was because of the firmware update…i made an update on a pc and after that it was ok on adroid.