Connect Metamask with Trezor

Hi I had connect Metamask with my trezor after I need to do transitions or connect Metamask wallet that connect with Trezor It not run anymore The pic of download it stuck I had talk with Metamask already they said it the Trezor problem

You can try another browser and install MM. If your MM and trezor versions are up to date, then it may be a browser issue.

I’ve switch browser then I add Metamask extention and how can I use the old Trezor wallet
I think it’s Trezor issue not a browser

Connect to the trezor and find your original address. Choose that address to be the wallet.
If you used a passphrase, please enter the exact same passphrase when connecting to the trezor to create the wallet, then find the address you used to select as the wallet address.

I have de same problem, and if I entry in Trezor I can see the wallet that i did in Metamask the first time.
And when i try to confirm a operation it stuck like in that pic.
Please can you help me?

try another browser