Confused about ADA in yoroi and new Trezor native ADA support

I just downloaded the latest Trezor update with native ADA support. I have been using yoroi with transaction verification on Trezor. When I downloaded the Trezor update, I didn’t expect my ADA to show up automatically - I thought I had to transfer it from yoroi as they are two different wallets from my understanding. I have a seed for yoroi, and a seed for Trezor. So where is my ADA actually living now? In yoroi or Trezor? As a test, I transferred a few ADA from yoroi to Trezor, and they both say I sent it to myself (same address shows on both).

neither, as every crypto it is on blockchain: Where in the world are my coins?. Back to Basics | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

all your addresses are derived from your Trezor private keys, it does not matter if you use Suite, Yoroi or anything else, you always access the same wallet just using different interface

If you want to keep using Suite for your ADA there is no action needed from you.

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