Compromised Device? New Trezor One Missing Screen Protector

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if this device is safe to use or if I should wait for a response from the support team.

I received a Trezor device from the Trezor e-shop and everything seemed to be in line with the packaging timeline (Trezor packaging timeline - Trezor Wiki), package contents, and the holographic seals.

However I noticed that my Trezor One device does not have the screen protector film on the device. I noticed this because I decided to double check and watch some unboxing videos online and things like this trezor blogpost ( [you can see the plastic tab on the device where you peel off the screen protector film]

I feel like this is just some kind of manufacturing defect but I wanted to check and see if there is something Im missing or something I should be concerned about.

Hi @cryptoByte. Could you please provide your ticket ID so I can get back to you via our help desk right away? thank you

Hi MichalZ

The ticket number should be 78318

I have a similar problem with my recently purchased Trezor.
No seal and the screen does not appear brand new.
OP - have you resolved this with Trezor?

I got in touch with them via the contact form and still waiting for a response.

Please provide your Ticket ID so we can prioritize your issue. Thx

My ticket ID is 89794

Thank you

thx, we will get back to you promptly

Hi MichalZ

It has been over week since I raised an issue with ticket ID 89794 and I have not heard anything back.

Considering the purpose of a Trezor wallet, these delayed response times and lack of communication is very concerning!