Complete list of supported coins in csv / json format

We’re currently working on Trezor integration for Komodo Platform’s AtomicDEX API / wallets and we require the trezor_name value of supported coins. The list at is displayed incomplete - for example QTUM is not shown (and is not in source code of page) until explicitly searched for. If you could provide this data in a format like CSV or JSON for us to conveniently add to our config it would be greatly appreciated.


What is trezor_name exactly?

The source data is currently this: trezor-common/coins_details.json at master · trezor/trezor-common · GitHub

Note that this file will be discontinued in a matter of months as we switch away from a hardcoded list of ERC20 tokens and EVM chains to a dynamic one from CoinGecko data and the ethereum-lists repositories. At that point it will be relatively safe to assume that every ERC20 token is considered supported.
So, again, what is the trezor_name value that you need?

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Thanks for the link.
The trezor_name field is used in our coins repository at which is used by the underlying API for our apps at

Our Trezor integration is in the testing / documenting phase now - draft docs at and works well with the handful of coins we’ve added trezor_name values for, and we’re looking to expand coverage to all other compatible coins

From the link you posted, looks like what wanted is in the "name" field, where for example QTUM is in proper case as Qtum. Than you kindly, I should be able to parse this and complete my PR today.

When you switch away from the hardcoded list, will UTXO coins info also come from CoinGecko? Is any change to the coin name format expected once there (e.g. uppercase etc) and will this change mean a firmware update (and by extension an update in our coins repo to match)?

I also notice that the json file you liked has a "wallet" field with a list of supporting wallets. Once our Trezor integration is completed and included in our next GUI release, should I make a pull request to include or will this be tracked elsewhere (different file, coingecko etc)?

I had to go through a good chunk of your codebase to figure it out… it seems that you are interested in Bitcoin-like utxo based coins specifically, i.e., those handled by the messages-bitcoin protocol – and for that you need the value for the coin_name field. Correct?

In that case, a much better choice for you is to dump those coins specifically through From the trezor-common repository root:

./tools/ dump --include-type bitcoin --list

Check out dump --help for more options; you might want --pretty to examine the format, and then you can omit it for the actual JSON parsing. You might also want --device trezor1 or trezor2 so that unsupported coins are filtered out; otherwise you’d have to do your own filtering based on the support field.

This will keep working for the foreseeable future and you don’t actually need to wade through tokens and stuff.

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Thanks for having a look. I’ve already parsed that file (py script and resulting output at but will have a look at the script also and update to include device compatibility. Our wallet supports ERC20 and other EVMs also, so they were included in the output, though liooking at the API codebase it does seem to be only in utxo related files / functions like I’ll clarify this with our API devs.