Coinjoin noobie question (I think I lost money)

This morning I updated my Trezor T and Trezor suite.

  • I created a Coinjoin account.
  • I moved some money to test it, from my Trezor BTC account (hidden wallet) to my Coinjoin account.
  • I could see the money transferred showing up in the Coinjoin Account…
    *** " May be a step is missing here, I should have done something ? "**
  • I unplugged the my trezor T
  • 2 hours later I connected back my Trezor T and I could not see / access the Coinjoin account… And the Amount I transferred there is missing from the total Wallet balance…

Any advices ?

OK I reran the process and my money now showed up

Will now use START

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Anonymizing some BTC worked.

But today when plugging in my trezor I am now stucked here

You just have to keep it running, it can take a long time sometimes. Make sure your Trezor is connected and do not unplug it when coinjoin is running.


yesterday I let it ran more than 2 hours without success. May be something went wrong without me noticing it.

Trying again today, we’ll see…

What would you consider abnormal /numbers of hours running without anything happening ?

I guess the more users are using it, the more faster it will become ??

that can vary depending on how many people are doing conjoin at that moment, if less people are doing it it can take longer, because there will be less suitable UTXOs to match with.

Also depends on anonymity level you choose, higher level takes longer to achieve.

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I didn’t know about this setting

But I will continue with the default for now… At least I know now I can tweak it

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i sent a little bit (.0438… ) from various sources to the coinjoin addr.
then i said ‘go’ and it seems to be taking forever. like we’re 10 hours in and it says still 0btc has been anonymized


I need to make some more test, i will let you know how it goes…

it’s working…


DId it on randomly on more than one day…

Once it’s anonymized, I guess / hop, it’s fast to send BTC from that coinjoin account to some external address LOL