Coinbase internal transaction to Trezor - Metamask / MEW

I transferred ETH directly to my Trezor T for the first time today and soon realised that these arrive as internal transactions.
I can confirm my overall balance has updated accordingly, however, it bugs me that I cannot see the transaction history.

If I were to link MEW / Metamask to my Trezor, could I transfer the X amount of that internal transaction only (believe it used the same Receive address as a previous transaction between Metamask->Trezor, so would this be a problem?) to a Metamask hot wallet, and from there back to my Trezor, so as to show up as a regular transaction (I’m aware of the fees but also curious if I ever decide to sell just that X amount)?
In addition, how could I then unlink MEW / Metamask off my Trezor? I presume they would install firmware - how could I get wipe that to reinstall my Trezor Suite anew?

yes, that is kind of a workaround but not necessary at all, your balance is correct and you can spend it as usual.

there is no really need for that either, MM does not install anything on your Trezor, but there is option in MM to Remove account.