Check Backup/Dry Run problem

I transferred some BTC onto my Trezor Model T before doing a “Check Backup” on my seed words.

I am having trouble figuring out the check-backup/dry-run process. I do see that I have to touch the 3-char set x-times to move to the 2nd/3rd letter. My seed is 12 words. But I can easily hit the wrong letter - and I do not see a way to undo any bad button-presses. No way to go back to previous word.

I notice there is a limit of 16 attempts to enter my PIN for the trezor. This is not a problem since the PIN is easier to enter. However when doing a check-backup, I dont see any info about whether there is a limit to the number of times you can fail entering the seed to check it in the check-backup process. I want to know if there is a limit on check-backup fails.
Is there a limit? Or can I relax while attempting to spell out all these words?


Hi @karnacker,

if you hit the wrong letter, you can undo it by pressing this symbol:

There is no limit on check-backup fails. However, in case you will not be able to perform check of your recovery seed at all, you should consider your recovery seed backup incorrect and you should move all funds to a newly created wallet with a newly created recovery seed (that you are able to check successfully).