Changelly Exchange Issue - Missing USDT - Please help me

trezor support ticket info:

Missing Balances in 2 Trezor Wallets - Ticket ID: 75643

Please help me. I used the Changelly Exchange api in 2 of my Trezor wallets about 3 days ago (2 separate transactions) to convert BTC to USDT when the price began dropping. Realized my Trezor BTC wallets were not the correct receiving wallets & didn’t support USDT immediately after initiating transactions. They’re since completed, but now only a few cents is in each wallet. and I contacted Changelly support and they told me to contact Trezor support. I’ve had this BTC for 3 years and have been extremely careful, but after looking at the transaction via OMNI/BTC explorers, I believe my BTC may have been intercepted into a rogue wallet. This is all the savings I have and I’m freaking out.

Please help me if you have any info re: next steps, if there even are any.

I have already submitted a trezor support ticket (details at top).

I have the two original transaction numbers but unsure if ok to post here(?)

If I can I will post #s in reply here.

Thanks for any insight anyone can offer.


I’ve been reading on other topics and I see ppl are posting tranaction #s on their posts.

Here are the two transaction numbers in question:





generally, it is possible to recover Omni USDT sent to BTC address. We will however reply in the ticket as soon as possible as we deal with sensitive data.

Seriously??? I’m not holding my breath but even a shred of hope at this point is amazing.


Good morning.
I have a similar problem with a exchange operation. I do a BTC → USDT conversion with exchange integrated in Trezor and I don’t receive the USDT, I receive a few cents of BTC instead all the USDT!
I don’t now I if I have to open a need conversation or you can help me here?
Best regards


please raise a ticket using this form and provide all possible information - transaction IDs, etc. Once done, let me know the ticket ID. Many thanks.

Hi Kolin.
Ticket opened and here is the number: 76004.
Waiting for your reply.
Thanks a lot!
Best regards.

Thanks, we will reply in the ticket asap.

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My ticket number is Ticket ID: 75643

Please let me know next steps as soon as you are able!


One of our agents will reply to you very soon.