Cardano - forgot URL of online wallet linked from page in December 2021

Hi. Back in December 2021, I transferred some Cardano / ADA from an exchange to a third party wallet secured by my Trezor T. The problem is can’t recall the URL or name of that online wallet, but it was linked to from the trezor(dot)io/coins (list of supported coins page). Now it seems Cardano is supported natively in Trezor T (my Cardano balance is 0 in the Trezor itself), so the link to the 3rd party Cardano wallet is no longer on that page.

I’m pretty sure it was not the Yoroi or the Daedalus wallets currently promoted on Cardano(dot)org. Those are downloadable apps.

I do recall it was an online wallet, not even a browser extension. The color scheme was magenta-on-white, and the website seemed to be closely tied to the Cardano project, not some random 3rd party.

I do have passphrase that I created while setting up that wallet, but it’s not a multi-word “seed” that can be used to restore the balance in any Cardano wallet. I did download Daedalus and there’s no option there to restore from a passphrase, only from a seed.

Any ideas what that “official” online wallet was in December 2021, and/or what became of that service?

OK just answered my own Q: AdaLite (dot) io was that “magenta on white” wallet (but beware of impostor look-alike sites)
Found the URL via Internet Archive.
Was able to login with passphrase & view my balance.
Leaving the post to hopefully help someone else in similar situation.
Thanks for humoring a newb.