Cant see my wallet in metamask anymore

I have to delete my metamassk for some error, but when i instale again in my chore browser the wallet that i had linked can see it anymore, and i have some coins in BSC,

Now the wallet i can see it in my SUITE apeerlike hidden wallet.

when i try to connect metamask with the trezor can find that wallet, but olnly give me the choice in other wallets.

Samething happened to me, nobody helped :confused: and they closed my post

@traax you have been given the answer with a link to other post, this has been discussed many times on the forum, you are both using wrong passphrase.

I followed the link you posted but didn’t see any solution. Also I didn’t use any passphrase when I connected my metamask with trezor but I still can’t find the wallet I want. what should I do?