Can't see my funds

i had to use my trezor one for about 2 years so i 've decide to check it . So i connected it , i ve downloaded the latest trezor suite , i ve did the firmware update for trezor one , i put the correct pin and passphrase and i cant see my funds . I ve checked the coins by the settings are ok , i ve checked the backup its also ok . I ve checked the trezor addresses where i ve sent funds 2 years ago and are full funded but i cant see them on my trezor . 2 years ago i saw them but now are gone and the wallet looks empty . Any ideas ? how can i import those addresses again ?

I cant see the hiden wallet i had backdays , any process can help me see it again ?

You are using the wrong passphrase.

My passphrase is the right one . I had it written on multiple places …i ve checked it backthen .

If i wipe trezor one and recover it with my seed my old addresses and my funds will be restored?

no, because you still need the passphrase (correct one).

You either have wrong passphrase or using different seed.

My trezor when i put my passphrase says its correct . I ve putted a wrong one and tells me its wrong

No, it does not tell you the passphrase is wrong, because there is no such thing as wrong passphrase, anything you type opens a new hidden wallet.

It does tell you that you are opening an empty wallet and asks you to confirm.

You can have some special character, different keyboard, space that you are forgetting (also counts as the character) etc. resulting in the wrong passphrase.