Can't move token

Hi guys ,

So I transferred gala to my wallet and it showing me a coin and name and its correct value. Now I am trying to move it to the exchange back and when I am trying to do it , on trezor it’s showing me unknown token and receive adress on trezor device showing different than on exchange . Any ideas?

Hi @Justme1

Have you try adding the token manually ?
Seems like it is not recognized by Trezor when sending so I believe the address you have to confirm on Trezor device is the contract address of the token: 0x15D4c048F83bd7e37d49eA4C83a07267Ec4203dA right?

Yes that’s the adress I got on trezor device but it’s nit the same as on receive adress on exchange. As gala on trezor suites but it shows me a token and etc . How can I proceed ?

I didn’t add token manually, do you mean by adding token to trezor suite? Can it be added even after coin received in trezor already?

yes that’s what I meant and yes you can

yes ,you should add token to trezor suite manually .
it can

OK I will try to add it manually and see if it will work then to transfer to exchange. Thank you :slight_smile: hopefully it will work without adding to metamask . Also where do I get token contract adresses ?

find all tokens contract adresses in this

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OK so when I try to add it tells me that a token adress is added already. So when I try to send it trezor is giving me receive adresa of contract adress not receivers.what should I do?

Guys thank you so much for yoir help , it worked . It just asked me first to confirm contcat adress and I thought was receiver adress and then second step to confirm receiver adress and its done . Really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update @Justme1
I am glad that your issue has been resolved.